fresh1 «frehsh», adjective, adverb, noun.
1. newly made, arrived, or gathered; recent: »

fresh vegetables. On it were the fresh footmarks of a little animal (John Tyndall).

2. not known, seen, or used before; new; recent: »

Is there any fresh news from home?

SYNONYM(S): novel.
3. another; additional; further: »

After her failure, she made a fresh start. The dispute…took a fresh turn today when 81 deputies…handed in their notice (London Times).

4. not salty: »

Rivers are usually fresh water.

5. not spoiled; not stale: »

Is the milk fresh?

6. not artificially preserved: »

Fresh butter, fresh meat, fresh herring, and fresh vegetables usually have more flavor than when canned or frozen.

7. not tired out; vigorous; lively: »

Put in fresh horses.

8. not faded or worn; bright: »

The party was fresh in her memory. The spring time of her childish years Hath never lost its fresh perfume (James Russell Lowell).

SYNONYM(S): undimmed, untarnished.
9. looking healthy or young: »

Grandmother is as hale and fresh in appearance as she was ten years ago. He looked as fresh as a boy after his vacation.

SYNONYM(S): blooming.
10. cool; refreshing; pure: »

a fresh breeze. The desire of fresh air…had carried her into the…garden (Scott).

SYNONYM(S): invigorating.
11. fairly strong; brisk: »

A fresh wind is more than a breeze.

12. not experienced; unsophisticated: »

How green you are and fresh in this old world (Shakespeare).

SYNONYM(S): untrained.
13. (of a cow) having recently calved and yielding a renewed or increased supply of milk.
14. Informal. tipsy; drunk.
freshly; newly: »

She has a charming fresh colour—Yes, when it is fresh put on (Richard Brinsley Sheridan).

1. the fresh or early part of a day, year, or other period of time or the beginning of something: »

The robins…keep on pretending it is the fresh of the year (James Russell Lowell).

2. a pool, spring, or stream of fresh water: »

I…have found several delightful wood-alleys…and quiet freshes (Keats).

3. a) a flood of fresh water flowing into the sea. b) a freshet; flood.
4. a stream of fresh water running into tidewater; the part of a tidal river above the salt water.
5. College Slang. a freshman.
[Old English fersc; spelling probably influenced by Old French freis, masculine, fresche, feminine < Germanic (compare Old High German frisc)]
fresh´ness, noun.
fresh2 «frehsh», adjective.
Informal. too bold; impudent; forward: »

She rose and in a loud voice cried: “Say, you're too fresh! Where d'ye think ye are?” (Alan Dale).

SYNONYM(S): saucy, presumptuous, impertinent, obtrusive.
[< German frech impudent]

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